My services


Restaurant Concept Development Consulting

I can provide expert consultants for your F&B business if you need help with restaurant concept design. Our consultants are specialists in various areas, such as market research and analysis, branding, financial modelling, recipe development and costing, menu creation, job description writing, and complete processing and procedure reviews, ensuring a successful grand opening.


Menu Pricing Engineering

My consultancy offers expert commercial foodservice design for various facilities in the F&B industry worldwide. We cover all stages, from site selection to opening, with customized solutions in design layout, equipment specifications, procurement, and construction.


Menu Pricing Engineering

My consultants specialize in menu pricing for both new and existing restaurants, using a comprehensive approach to analyze menu engineering, cost analysis, and recipe optimization. With decades of hands-on experience, we provide customized solutions to maximize profits and guest experience.


Are you interested to build your next restaurant, cafe, cloud kitchen?

If you're looking to start your own food business or expand your existing one, Ican provide valuable assistance and guidance in bringing your vision to life.